ACT FOR AMERICA is the nation’s premier nonprofit grassroots movement made up of  Americans from every background, religion, race and walk of life, dedicated to preserving America’s culture, security, and freedom.

Act for America is 2.8 million strong and has a presence in 98% of all US counties nationwide. It advocates for shaping our culture, security, and freedoms in light of our Constitution and founding principles.

Join us as we strive to reach hearts and minds and mobilize them in minutes each week, helping millions make their voices heard and counted where it matters most. Our grassroots organization is not a think tank; it is a battle tank, which works through We the People to hold government officials accountable and represent the true will of the people every week on the Hill and in all 50 states.

Hope rides on the wings of action! Our aim is to deliver action briefs on the latest news and hot-button issues, coupled with easy, one-click campaigns that send direct messages to the appropriate elected officials to make a real impact.

“When we all do a little, together, we achieve a lot.” -Brigitte Gabriel

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The Nation's Premiere Conservative Grassroots Movement Dedicated to America's Culture, Security, and Freedoms.


The nation's premiere grassroots movement dedicated to preserving America's culture, security, and freedoms. Operating in 50 states with activists present in 98% of US Counties. We are not a think tank, we are a battle tank.