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Ethnic Cleansing of Jews in Arab Lands

Help Me Dispel Hate

Important Facts:

  • 21.1% (around 2,080,000 people) are Israeli citizens classified as Arab, some identifying as Palestinian, including Druze, Circassians, all other Muslims, Christian Arabs, and Armenians (which Israel considers "Arab").

  • The number of Palestinians working in Israel has reached a historical high, with 16.9% of Palestinian workers employed in Israel and the settlements in 2022. This figure is nearing the levels seen before the second intifada, which was 22.9% in 1999.

  • Bedouin groups played a crucial role in aiding Jews during their struggle against the Palestinian national movement and Arab armies, such as Arab-al-Hib. Even before the foundation of the state, these Bedouins were actively involved in protecting the security of the Jewish population.

  • 606 Arab Muslims joined the IDF in 2020

  • There are 10 Arab members of the Knesset

The Jewish population in Jerusalem has endured since 1950 B.C. despite four major diasporas or exiles imposed by conquering nations. Jerusalem has maintained a Jewish majority for centuries. Since 1844, as documented by the Ottoman Turks, Jerusalem had a population of only 15,510, with Jews representing 46%, Christians 22%, and Muslims 32%. By 1896, the population grew to 45,000, with Jews making up 65% and Muslims 24%. By 1948, the total population was 165,000, with Jews still maintaining a majority at 61% and Muslims at 24%. From 1844 to 1948, the Muslim population averaged 26% compared to the 57% Jewish population.

The propaganda that Jews stole the land from their Arab neighbors is demonstrably false. When Israel was renamed Syria Palaestina by the Romans to insult the Jews after repeated wars for independence, it was the Jews who carried the name "Palestinian," no longer Israeli. Arabs in the region never referred to themselves as Palestinian until 1964, inspired by the terrorist organization "Palestinian Liberation Organization" and their cooperation with the Russian KGB to create a new propaganda narrative. This narrative falsely claims a "Palestinian" identity, conveniently ignoring the history of Jewish institutions like the Palestine Post (founded in 1932) and the Palestine Orchestra (founded in 1936) and a mile long list of other examples.

Another inconvenient fact is that during the 2000 years of exile, Jews who migrated from Israel to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East were consistently treated as foreigners. They were rarely afforded the same rights as citizens despite the length of time their families coexisted in these regions and were often segregated into Jewish communities. Countless times, these Jewish exiles were forced to migrate, persecuted, and endured second-class citizenship. When Arabs declared war against the newly established state of Israel, over 800,000 Jewish refugees were evicted from Muslim-controlled Middle Eastern countries and territories, compared to 600,000 Arabs who later became "refugees," the majority of whom had only lived in the land as temporary laborers for the previous two years.

Hamas and Palestinians' conflict with Israel has nothing to do with apartheid or stolen land. This conflict is rooted in a millennia-long hatred of non-Muslims, specifically targeting Jews and Christians. Currently, Palestinian Muslims somewhat tolerate their Arab Christian neighbors, but this tolerance is solely to maintain global sympathy and report higher population numbers. If Palestinians were to achieve their goal of wiping Jews off the map, as they openly call for, their next target would be subduing non-Muslims through forced conversions, forced exile, or special taxation.

It's an exhausting and absurd argument to propose that Jews don’t belong in their historic homeland, especially when they have never laid claim to or been fully accepted anywhere else in the world. The Roman Empire and all of Europe understood full well where the Jews originated throughout 2000 years of history, and it’s only “Palestinians” that deny and attempt to rewrite their own history in the last 60 years, fueled by hatred!

The Hamas Charter declares, "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it."


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