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Genocide in Gaza?

The Truth You Won't Hear from Lamestream Media!


We are all watching the keffiyeh-wearing, terrorist-sympathizing, blithering idiots demonstrating on US campuses, disrupting daily lives, and calling for a final solution.

Genocide in Gaza is a fabrication by Hamas, a terrorist group, that is throwing out numbers without any facts to support them and the Muslim Brotherhood operating under the Muslim Student Association, indicted in the Holy Land Trial, pushing this lie across every campus where they have a presence.

Where is the outrage from these sympathizers when…

  • Five and a half million people massacred in Congo and Sudan?

  • Millions of Sudanese currently displaced and more than 14,000 people killed while eight convoys are blocked from getting aid to their people?

  • 400,000 Yemenis killed and more than half the population is now in need of humanitarian assistance because of war in Yemen?

  • 500,000 people killed in Syria?

  • 300,000 people killed in Iraq?

  • 250,000 people killed in Afghanistan?

  • Tens of thousands of Burmese forced to flee and 25% of the population is facing hunger and illness due to war in the region?

Where is your outrage over true genocides happening worldwide?

Do these people have zero value to you?

The reality is what we're seeing right now in America is pure Jew-hatred.

It has nothing to do with genocide.

This is about their desire to see a Holocaust in our lifetime. This is their end goal.

They hate Jews so much that they are calling out loud in America in 2024 for the final solution.

We are not going to allow them to get away with this.

Defund Extremist, Pro-Hamas Organizations!

We at are working on many bills right now but we need your support. Stand with us as we fight this madness.

Together, we stand up against hatred, bigotry, and violence.

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