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We are Rising, Will You?

While Others Talk, We Act!

Are you ready to lead the charge in making a real difference in your community? Our grassroots department is standing by, eager to empower you to take the lead in the most effective and easy ways possible!

By registering as an activist, you'll stay in the loop about volunteer opportunities sprouting up in your area. Plus, you'll receive periodic special content designed to equip you with the tools to create meaningful change in just minutes a day.

For those ready to step up as Chapter and Group Leaders, our platform offers a seamless path to action, requiring just a couple of hours a month to propel your community toward impactful change.

Have an existing group? Register your group as a coalition partner and join forces with equal access to our grassroots support!

And for Act in Faith Leaders, we provide the guidance to operate both on and off church campuses, enabling you to usher in transformative shifts aligned with Judeo-Christian values—swiftly and effectively!

Joining our grassroots team will leave you thrilled as you discover just how simple it is to make a substantial impact in less time than you'd expect with our innovative organizing models.

Your support is vital to fueling our dedicated work in supporting activists, leaders, and campaigns that are making tangible differences. Whether through a monthly membership or a one-time donation, your contribution enables us to continue our mission of fostering positive change.

Join us today and be part of the movement that's redefining grassroots activism!

Act for America
Brigitte Gabriel on News You Can Act On
NYT Best Selling Author and World Renowned Political Commentator.